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Red Alert: ask Pope Francis the excommunication of traitor pastors

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Help the Pope, clean up the Church, serve Christ and Humanity

Benedict copuldn't un do the treason, He was lacking strength, so they say. We want to help Francis to be able, let's give momentum and support to the Pope

Benedict copuldn’t un do the treason, He was lacking strength, so they say. We want to help Francis to be able, let’s give him momentum and support

Dear friends, I have a proposal for you, that has some urgency to it. You know those “warnings” that are being used nowadays by many groups on the net: “10 thousand signatures to prevent the Oklahoma satanic mass”. Well, let’s make a warning ourselves, in all the languages, I pledge to prepare Spanish, English and, God willing, Chinese versions of it, as soon as possible. It seems to me that we should need: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabian, at least; though, with these ones, we should be covering more than 95% of the faithful around the World, more than a billion people. Let’s direct it, like that “survey” designed to overthrow Catholic teaching, to all, even non-Catholics, no one can control who signs the petition, though we can ask them to specify if they are Catholics or not and their country. It is an emergency, due to everything that is happening in the Church nowadays; but, besides, due to the Synod of the family that is scheduled to begin this weekend. We have to let them know we won’t stand traitors. What is more, we have to get ahead of them and broaden the issue, in order to try to clean up the Church from these scourges, once and for all. Here is my proposal:

This is the issue: WARNING: “Dear Pope Francis, lately, your Excellency has directed thy authority towards several bishops, in different places of the World, in Argentina, in Paraguay, in the United States of America. You have also directed it towards professionals that work for the Church and we know that this work will continue. We would like, as members of the People of God, to make an important suggestion. We ask you reverently, as submissive sons and daughters, but that love the Church and God wholeheartedly, to excommunicate, once and for all, all the prelates that deny publicly the Church or her Tradition and incur thus in penalties of excommunication: those that defend abortion, homosexual unions; those that promote homosexuality at the Seminary and among young clerics, origin of the child abuses, which have hurt so much the Church of this century and the last decades of the past; those that hold or are conniving with priests who celebrate ‘gay masses’; those who deny the indissolubility of Christian marriage; those who deny the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; those that deny the authority of the Pope; the ones that say there is no hell, that Christ is not a historical figure, that we know by reading the Gospels and Church’s Tradition, that Christ resurrected, that Christ is not God, that God is not impassive, that God isn’t Triune; the ones who uphold the theology of liberation in any way; those that have taken part in Masonic ceremonies, world forums of ‘spirituality’ and other ploys designed to destroy the Church in favor of a so called ‘world religiosity’; the ones that endorse the indigenist theology or the equivalence between American-Indian rites and Church Liturgy, etc. Therefore, we beg you, Holy Father, to excommunicate or declare excommunicated immediately cardinals: Kasper, Wuerl, Schönborn, Bagnasco, Maradiaga, Dolan, Braz de Aviz, Daneels, Nichols, Baldisseri, George Pell, Coccopalmerio; as well as archbishops and bishops: Chaput, Cupich, Bruno Forte, Nunzio Gallantino, Victor Manuel Fernandez, Raul Vera Lopez, Callahan (San Diego’s Vicar), Ladaria. Likewise, we ask you, Holy Father, that, from the See of the apostle Peter’s martyrdom, excommunicate every other pastors that have betrayed the Faith in any way, wage earners, wolfs in sheep’s skin, that have sneaked in the Episcopal ministry, and that their sees be occupied, from now on, by priests that really love God, His Saving Work and the Sacrament of such a Work, The Spouse and Mystical Body, that you preside as Vicar Head of the Head per se (Cf. Leo the Great, Homily 70,1; 95,2: SC 200, 61; 269). With this brave undertaking, for sure, you will clean up the Church and will make a big treasure in Heaven, to which, without a doubt, soon will ascend, to meet Him with Whom, in such a case, won’t be Judge, but president of the homecoming committee. We, the signatories, don’t wish any other luck or destiny, Holiness. And, undoubtly, your pastoral worries would find overabundant fulfillment. Besides, in such a work of cleaning up, the Lord of the wheat will assist and, what is more, He will be eternally grateful: blessed the God that, in His Mercy, makes a debtor of Himself in relation to good and brave men. In addition, you will count on the support of the faithful people, sick and tired for so much abuse within the Holly Church of the Lord”.

Let’s send this “warning” by Facebook and twitter, may someone do it formally, let it fly, let millions of signatures be gathered, may them get to the Pope. I would do it, but I lack the necessary means. So I propose it, with all my heart. I PROPOSE IT FORMALLY, SOMEONE TAKE THIS, THE WAY ALL THAT EFFICIENT PEOPLE ON THE NET DO IT.  I cooperate with the writing and I pledge to do it in English, Spanish, and I’ll try to get a Chinese translation. I invite german, French, Italian speaking people to take action down here and put versions of the letter in those languages in the comment section. I leave a “warning” by Hazte Oir, so you have a model http://www.hazteoir.org/alerta/62335-alcalde-guardia-civil-y-yihadismo-no-es-lo-mismo?sid=Mjk5NjM3NTI4MTM3NDk2. Let’s gather millions of signatures, from people of every language. Let’s let them know that you have to fight the Fight before you consider yourself the winner, that they don’t have all the power. Let’s put our hope in God, of course, everything depends on Him. But we cannot just stay there waiting, we have to fight; let’s be hammers and swords in the Hands of our Most High Lord. May Him make our efforts and sacrifices good and fruitful. But they, the bad ones, have to take their stand, they have to line up with whomever they have their fidelity and their love. We count on the Most High. Let’s be, at last, rebellion, let’s be uprising, let’s give a good strike to the revolution, to its wickedness, to its ugliness, to its falsehood,  LET’S BE AN ANSWER, THE ONLY REAL ONE, THE ONLY VALID ONE, THE REBELION, REBELION OF THE ESSENCE…



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